The Knight's Cottage Policies

Fort Saint Ours - 37600 Loches
+33 02 47 91 62 86
mobile : +33 06 71 633 693

Any confident relationship is based on rules, agreements and respect. The " Knight's Cottage " trust in that to offer a successful stay to his Guests.
..."Living well", here, is confidential, too ...


  • Booking reservation Deposit (30%)is required
  • Balance 2 weeks before Arrival day

check-in/out time

  • Saturday Arrival from 17.00 to 19.00
  • Saturday Departure before 11.00


  • Full Deposit refund 60 days before Arrival day
  • Full charge for less than 14 days before Arrival day

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Article 1 - Use of premises: Trust and good atmosphere born of the franchise, respect for others, and sincerity: This is essential to take a vacation in the best conditions. The tenant must ensure the peaceful character of this apartment and to use it for the intended places, given the proximity of the neighborhood quiet. The place is not dangerous, but the presence of stairs, walls, may have consequences for negligent supervision, especially children and adolescents. The tenant acknowledges signatory therefore assume the complete responsibility of those it hosts.
Article 2: The rental contract is reserved for the exclusive use of the rental cottage. Article 3-Capacity: This contract is for a maximum capacity of people. If the number of tenants would exceed the design capacity of the host, the owner must give written consent, and may refuse. Any modification or termination of the contract will be considered at the initiative of the client. Article 4 - Length of stay: The Tenant signing this contract for a specified period shall in no circumstances invoke any right to maintain occupancy at the end of the stay. Article 5 - Conclusion of Contract: The reservation becomes effective when the tenant has sent the owner a deposit of 30% of the total rental and a copy of the signed contract within the time specified. A second copy is kept by the tenant. The lease agreement between the parties hereto shall in no way benefit, even partially to third persons or entities without the written consent of the owner. Any violation of this clause may result in immediate termination of the lease the lessee at fault, the proceeds of the lease remaining permanently with the owner. Article 6 - Payment of balance: The balance of the rent is paid no later than 14 days before entering the premises. Article 7 - Arrival: The tenant must report the exact date and time stated on this contract. If you arrive late or delayed, the tenant must notify the owner. Article 8 - Inventory: An inventory is drawn up and signed by the tenant and the owner or his representative on arrival and departure of lodging. This inventory is the only reference in case of any dispute regarding the inventory. The cleanliness of the cottage on arrival the tenant will be found in the inventory. The tenant is required to maintain clean premises during the rental period (one end of stay cleaning is included in the price, but in case of very dirty, he will be charged a supplement of 45 €). Article 9 - Deposit: Upon arrival, will be asked for a deposit of 200 euros in cash to hand, and an identity against a bail receipt. This deposit will be returned after the establishment of the contradictory state of affairs output minus the cost of rehabilitation of places if damage were reported. Article 10 - Cancellation must be notified by letter or email to the owner: 1) Cancellation before arrival ; the deposit is forfeited to the owner. which may request the balance amount of the stay if the cancellation occurs less than 30 days before the date of entry into the premises. And if he cannot rent it to someone else 2) if the stay is shortened, the rental price remains the owner. There will be no refund. Article 11-Cancellation by the owner: In case of force majeure, unforeseeable or unavoidable due to clients, war or an attack, preventing the delivery, the owner will refund all monies paid without further compensation. Article 12 - Animals: This contract specifies that the gite do not accept the company of a pet. In case of breach of this clause by the tenant, the landlord may refuse the stay. In this case, no refund will be made. Article 13 - Insurance: The owner is ensure for what the house may cause. The tenant is required to ensure the room which is rented for damages he may cause, willingly or not. It should check if its domestic insurance policy covers "holiday" (vacation rental). In the opposite case, it must intervene with his insurance company and claim the extended warranty or purchase a particular contract, under clause "Resort". A certificate of insurance may be claimed from the signing of the lease or a signed affidavit. Article 14 - Disputes: In case of dispute, the court shall have exclusive jurisdiction of the premises of the judicial district where the leased premises.